For those who start a used clothes business…

For those who buy used clothes for sale…

For profitable business and a partnership without reproach, we offer guarantees and benefits for you to know the quality of the collaboration with us.

A successful partnership is recognized by the mutual benefits that lead to business. Choose a category below and discover your benefits:

Wide range and selection

Our 2 logistic locations in Romania and the 8000 square meters capacity makes it possible that Roseco can offer a wide range of second hand clothing: used clothes, Pakistan grade clothes and shoes, African grade clothing, african Grade shoes, Tropical Mixes, mixed rags and recycled textiles.

Competitive prices

Our strategic location in Europe allows us to receive, sort and export the best and most stable prime materials. This is ensured by our long term partners and storage facilities. We grade 23 tons daily and send shipments to Pakistan, Africa and India. This allows us to make your business and purchase orders have the best price - quality ratio.

Leading Second Hand Clothes Wholesaler

As part of the Mendola Group, we put our experience since 1991 in your service. With the 2nd generation in charge, we continually improve and expand our modern high standard sorting facility. We offer stable quality, assured by a professional team and specialized graders.


We offer counseling and support for your purchase. We are a multilingual and young team which enables us to help and respond o your needs of business and information. You also benefit from the possibility to choose between a very fine sorting or mix assured trough a very efficient quick sorting.

Export / Shipping

We are flexible to adapt to customers needs.  And we export all over the world, due to the convenient regional positioning and the Black Sea. Orders are served in around 7- 10 days. 

Our logistic infrastructure and us being part of the Mendola Group makes us competitive in the receiving and shipping large quantities of wholesale use clothing.


Roseco, apart from bales export of wholesale used clothes and shoes, recovers cotton fibers, wool, polyester and multicolored clothing. Also, jeans, cashmere and other textile waste like scraps. We also provide textile waste for later use in obtaining raw materials and fiber wiping cloths used in machinery industry.

Full time quality control

To maintain the best quality for our second hand clothes and shoes, all the products are being run through a quality control. Once received, all products undergo an initial sorting phase. Then Disinfection, Sterilization, and Preservation are performed in the best of conditions. So we deliver and export only bales with well-packed and controlled clothing and shoes.


We only use green environmental solutions and encourage our clients, partners and visitors to shop, sell and swap pre-owned items. We offer information, articles and advice to the local and international market and we are committed to this vision of a sustainable economy that can lead to change.

Call center

Our multilingual call center is focused on you, the client. To counsel or answer questions, our young team of professionals only has one goal: to optimize your business and maximize your profit.