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Ever since 1991, the spouses Székely sensed the people's need to buy clothes. They believed that the best opportunity was to start a business with second-hand clothes, to cope with the market demand after the Revolution.

It all started with a van full of clothes, a single employee and a handful of customers.

From a small seed warehouse, situated in Vlaha, Cluj County, where the business started, it then moved to an animal stable.

It was subsequently rehabilitated to meet market demand, giving rise to a sorting plant and a wholesale sales warehouse in the year 2000.

The business has expanded continuously since 1991, and the expansion in the country was first carried out through a 2000 sqm warehouse in Târgu Mureş. For lack of space, the wholesale warehouse was moved from Vlaha to Someșeni, then to a much larger warehouse in the neighbouring town of Apahida. It wasn't until 2012 that I returned ”home”, in a large facility specially built for Roseco’s needs in Vlaha.

Today, within the logistics park in the town of Vlaha, there is the sorting plant and the wholesale warehouse under a roof of 6000 sqm.

The number of employees has increased to 170, and the customers, as many and more, come from countries like Romania, Pakistan, Africa and others.